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Diverse Experiences Driven by Diverse Individuals – UT Austin Diversity in Advertising and Public Relations

In order to create and understand a diverse world, we have to represent the diverse audience our clients are seeking to engage through advertising, marketing, and public relations.
Brian Fontenot, CEO

Elevation Firm CEO/Founder Brian Fontenot recently met with talented and bright students of the University of Texas at Austin’s Diversity in Advertising and Public Relations organization. As a minority student in this organization, many students were curious to know how the intersection of diversity and industries such as advertising and public relations are met in corporate environments. With a room full of students that ranged from sophomores to graduating seniors, the students engaged in a discussion of how Elevation Firm uses diversity to create memorable marketing and advertising campaigns, and utilize public relations to help brands grow awareness, increase product and services revenue, and advocate for industry-wide reforms through their passionate company values.

Fontenot shared the importance of diversity, in that as we reflect in our own experiences and communities, and how our connection with the people we serve is important. This connection with our intended audience comes from a deep understanding of cultural norms and that can only come from personal experiences. Fontenot advocated that the students each have a unique gift, and that as these students progress towards graduation, their unique perspectives on life help improve the corporations and agencies they will eventually work for or the companies they will start. Fontenot also advocated for students to be able to explore the world, as they learn the various styles of communication and messages that resonate around the world.

Drawing on Elevation Firm’s core values, Fontenot then shared two of them with the students. Elevation Firm wholeheartedly believes that diverse employees help to create diverse experiences for clients, and also help provide insights that would not occur if we limited our employees to a certain culture or background. The diversity of experiences, ideas, and people help us to create our best work on behalf of our clients. Fontenot also shared how education for employees and investment in the next generation of future leaders is important for improving diversity. Fontenot gave examples of client work completed by Elevation Firm, in which the absence of diversity would have hindered marketing and advertising growth for the clients.

With much insight on the importance of diversity in the industry of advertising and public relations, the students shared their experiences working in the industry and the types of work they found interesting. Encouraging opportunities to explore various positions within the industry, Fontenot ended with an uplifting message and stated that the students should demonstrate every opportunity related to the diversity of experience to any potential employers.

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