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Your New Favorite Channel is on IGTV

IGTV, Instagram’s new long-form, vertical video hub, recently launched and is already taking the internet by storm. The standalone app allows users to create their own channels just like YouTube.

Videos on the platform are a minimum of 15 seconds long and are maxed out at 60 minutes. All videos shared on the platform must already be in the user’s phone and can only be viewed when your phone is upright.

Brands and influencers have the opportunity to bring their audience back to Instagram instead of focusing so much on YouTube. For those who have yet to start an official video channel, IGTV appears to be a great place to begin.

According to insider Matt Navarra, files uploaded to the channel can be up to 3.6 GB and must be an MP4. The thumbnail/cover image will be a .JPG. Users can also like, comment, and share IGTV videos just like they would with a video in the classic Instagram feed.

So what does IGTV mean for brands, influencers, and creators? Well, the possibilities are actually endless.

Restaurant chefs can have a channel that highlights the process of preparing his or her favorite dish from start to finish.

Medical professionals can have longer segments that expand on little-known facts and even go more in-depth with select procedures.

Corporations that have podcasts can now video record their episodes and place them on IGTV in addition to adding their sound recording to Soundcloud or iTunes.

While IGTV will probably not be the end of YouTube, it will still be exciting to see how the platform grows and matures, especially since Instagram just hit one billion monthly active users. Only time will tell if millennials and Generation Z will stay loyal to YouTube or if they’ll begin to take their content elsewhere.

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