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The EF Monthly Recap: May ’18

The EF Monthly Recap will take a look at the top stories that happened in the digital sphere during the previous month.

The digital world never sleeps, and the evidence of this comes after a busy May for our favorite platforms. Take a moment to dive into what we were reading last month.

F8 was pretty timely: After a controversial Q1 focusing on data and privacy, Facebook’s F8 still took place in San Jose and focused on the future of the world’s biggest social network. The social media giant is launching a matchmaking service (think Tinder), redesigning the Messenger app, and more.

Facebook also announced that Facebook Stories are on pace to pass the content seen in the News Feed later this year as the main way to share content with your audience. This is why it’s more important than ever to take a look at your social strategy each quarter and ensure your goals and technique are still in line with the platforms.

More Instagram Updates: Instagram is making a lot of changes in order to keep marketers interested. The company, which Facebook acquired in 2012, is partnering with Spotify so users can easily share what they’re listening to in their Instagram Stories. The app is also launching a group video chat feature so users can take their Direct conversations to a new level. The ability to mute feed and Stories posts from those you already follow was also introduced near the end of the month.

GDPR is live: We all received dozens of terms and conditions/privacy policy emails from companies in May as every business that collects data now has to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations. GDPR, which went live on May 25th, is meant to securely protect the data of EU citizens by using the highest security measures available. Since companies don’t ask for your citizenship in order to collect your information, businesses now have to take action by assuming that everyone is an EU citizen.

Gen Z is saying no to Facebook: If you take a moment to ask the pre-teens and teens in your life if they have a Facebook account, or if they’re planning to create one, you will probably be met with radio silence. Generation Z, aka those born in the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, is not using Facebook simply because “it’s not cool.”

Marketers should pay close attention to this in order to determine which platforms this demographic is currently spending their time on (Instagram and Snapchat) and what other social apps are in the pipeline.

Adios Klout: The days of checking your Klout score to determine online popularity and influence are long gone, so it’s no surprise that the company has closed. Klout, which was once worth $200 million, officially shut down on May 25th after people seemingly no longer believed their score was aligned with their expertise. We can thank influencer marketing for the new outlook.

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