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6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Dental Practices

After an introductory handshake, most people will say their smile is the best way to make a first impression.

As a dental professional, shouldn’t the social media accounts, website, and online properties for your practice make the same positive and friendly statement?

Local dentists and orthodontists have a huge opportunity to be online thought leaders, but many fall into the same routine of posting dental cleanings in action, before and after photos, and happy families in front of a backdrop.

While these ideas may keep a small audience entertained, there are many creative ways to grow and maintain a following online by thinking of easily shareable ways to inform, entertain, and educate.

Below are six easy social media approaches dental practices can make on their local platforms.


  • Product alerts: With a large number of electric toothbrushes, whitening solutions and other products available to consumers, many are confused about which ones to choose from. By featuring these items in videos or photos, dentists can become a trusted resource on the latest dental needs.
  • Online reviews: Patients who are new in town will always ask their network for recommendations on dentists and then visit online review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and Angie’s List to learn more about the practice. If your practice has reviews on these sites, it’s important to respond to all of them, whether they’re positive or negative, and also take a moment to inform the reviewer of what’s new at your practice. Keeping these platforms up-to-date with engaging photos is also critical.


  • Employee spotlight: Parents with nervous children enjoy knowing the dental team at their local pediatric dentistry before an appointment so they can show their children who will help clean their teeth. Having your team create fun videos to introduce themselves and also show company culture will go a long way.
  • Success Stories: Once your patients have a new lease on life after braces or a tooth extraction, consider asking them to record and submit a lively video that details how their new smile has impacted their confidence. Other potential patients will find a way to relate to those who are featured and feel an emotional connection with you and your practice.


  • #TeethTips: While we all learn the basics surrounding brushing twice daily, there are many little known facts about cavities, implants and general dental care that most patients are unaware of. Educating the public via social media with fun details involving their smiles will allow patients to see your practice as the place to visit when questions arise about their teeth.
  • Dental Student Encouragement: Having a blog or video series targeted to current dental students is another unique way to grow a following on social media. Students are always looking for information regarding their future careers and shareable tips that will help them learn more about the dental field can help your practice easily become popular amongst current or future students, especially those who happen to be Millennials.

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