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Four Ways to Not Spread Yourself Thin on Social Media

Social media is the best way to share content that can inform, educate, and entertain your target audience. With so many different ways to share your brand message, some may feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning and execution. Our four quick tips will help make it easier to navigate the social media piece of your marketing strategy.

YouTubeDon’t feel the need to be on every platform

Even though there are seven main social media platforms, it is unnecessary to be extremely active on each one. Find the platforms that best fit your company’s niche and focus on creating the best possible content there. If you own a restaurant, prioritize Facebook and Instagram. If you have a media outlet, have a strong presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Makeup and beauty more your thing? Don’t forget Pinterest and YouTube.

If there are certain platforms that you just simply can’t let go, consider updating them less often than your most powerful ones. However, if you find yourself not using it, lose it.


Plan your content well in advance

Why spend your mornings stressing about what you will post for the day when you can use a content calendar to plan out your content? Content calendars allow social media managers to outline all of their posts for each day by platform so that surprise events or holidays don’t sneak up!

We recommend always having at least two weeks of content planned in order to adjust for emergencies or sudden changes and scheduling time to load your calendar up each week.

Consider also investing in social media management platforms like Sprout Social or SOCi in order to schedule your content in advance.



Pace yourself and know how to unplug

Don’t feel the need to create or draft a month’s worth of content in one day. Quality content takes time and the last thing you want is for your audience to know it’s rushed. Carve out time to create and take breaks when necessary.

When on vacation, unplug from social media. Turn off notifications, delete apps, and enjoy your time away from social screens in order to reset.


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