Effective Digital Storytelling: Your Audience Amplifier

With a world moving to mobile, digital screens are a necessary platform to win customer buying and leads. The digital marketplace is constantly evolving with increasing complexity on how to win client attention. Our services include digital media marketing, advertising buying, content generation, strategy development, and digital media analysis. Through our experiences working in digital, we will build a game plan that will lead to higher conversion rates and lead generation through digital media.

Digital Media Marketing

Over 3/4 of all purchases are decided on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Our digital media marketing services include strategy, creative marketing development and execution of digital media marketing. Starting with a consultation to understand your message, to providing creative ideas to develop a success marketing plan, to scheduling out your social media marketing posts, we will help you achieve success in social media. We also will provide monthly reports, aligning your goals to outcomes, focusing our solutions for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We also handle email marketing campaigns.

Digital Media Engagement

Over 50% of all social media followers are seeking engagement to help guide them. Our digital media engagement services include social media engagement on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media along with review protection. Engage customers on social media platforms to help provide enhanced customer service and retain clients. Protect your reputation and customers perception of business through our review protection, ensuring across 40 review sites that you brand reputation is upheld. Engage customers to develop new channels of sales, powered by social media.

Digital Media Content Creation

98% of social media posts with images have 4x more engagement than social media posts with text. The key to mastering social media are graphics and images that connect with your followers. Creation of the social media posts with graphics will be sized specifically for the social media accounts that you will market on. Allow us to handle your content creation and execution. Once you communicate the vision of your social media marketing, we will create the content that will allow it be successful and impactful with your potential clients.

Digital Media Analysis

Our digital media analysis services will allow you to get further insights and data from your social media. Learn more about the engagement in your industry, allow Elevation to protect your brand across social media, to administrate your brand reviews, and manage  your social media engagement through responding to posts.

Digital Media Advertising

For maximizing client attraction, a strong digital advertising campaign will ensure lead generation. Through our Ad Buying Services, we will maximize your advertising campaigns, working for the lowest cost per client and also maximizing for high click-through rates. Our services are focused on Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare. We will also provide monthly reports and actionable steps to improve advertising.

Digital Media Strategy

You may have the tools already to handle the execution of social media, but you need an architect to develop your strategy. Allow us to take our expertise and insights on successful campaigns to apply to your digital media marketing. We will design your voice and allow you to handle the execution.

Communication Through Digital Mediums

Let us create an amazing digital strategy that connects you with more clients. Request a consultation with us today.