Capability Enhancements with Time Efficiencies

Servicing clients can be greatly enhanced through the use of technology. Creating efficient workflows that are enhanced by technology are the dreams of most businesses, however with the constant evolution of technology, developing these workflows can be time consuming. Through our services, we will help you maximize technology to streamline processes and workloads, produce higher ROI, improve employee satisfaction, and increase profits. Our services include deployment and management services, end user help desk, training and development, and project based system migration.

Device Deployment and Managment Services

Deployment of technology requires a knowledgeable staff on the latest practices in handling the deployment and management of devices. Allow us to manage your fleet of devices and inventory along with the deployment practices to ensure your employees have devices no matter where they are.

Custom Scope Projects

  • One-Time Project Based Technology Deployment
  • Seasonal Project Based Technology Management


  • Monthly Technology Deployment & Management
    • Support for MacOS and iOS Devices
    • Streamlined setup for end user
    • 6-month and 12-month contracts
    • Per device pricing

Virtual Helpdesk

Get the support your end users need to be able to keep operational excellence and free up critical IT resources. With our Virtual Helpdesk, allow your end users to have support for issues regarding operating systems or applications. Allow us to handle your end user questions.


  • Monthly Viritual End User Help Desk
    • Packages vary by number of employees
    • Availability of up to 50 hours a week via phone support
    • Email response wait times of as quick as 6 hours
    • 6-month and 12-month contracts
    • Monthly case reports with efficiency recommendations

Training & Development

With the introduction of technology, it replaces many workflows and other tools that existed pre-implementation. In order to ensure maximum efficiency from your employees, our training program is designed to help develop the most efficient and productive employees. Learn new ways of managing work through various environments, software applications, and general efficiency tips.


  • Mastering Digital Note-Taking
    • Delivered in person or webinar
    • Recorded session provided to all attendees (lifetime access)
    • Up to 50 employees in attendance
  • Email 2.0: Supercharge your Inbox
    • Delivered in person or webinar
    • Recorded session provided to all attendees
    • Up to 50 employees in attendance

Software Implementation

Using our experience in technology process improvements, let us develop a mobile first strategy to empower your workforce. Implement new software to help improved employee efficiency through our implementation services. Deploy technology to develop a mobile optimized workforce, not restricted by geography or technology. Allow us to engineer your new technology-driven workflows, process improvements, and platform migration.

Custom Scope Projects

  • Salesforce Deployment and Data Migration
  • Line of Business Specific Software Deployment and Data Migration

Scale Operations and Employee Happiness/Retention

Let us create streamlined process and efficiencies empowered by technology to help you serve more customers. Request a consultation with us today.