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Success Story: Visible Alpha

[dt-section-title title=”A New World of Insight for the Investment Community” subtitle=”Introducing Visible Alpha – a highly transparent experience in financial research, forecasting, decision-making and investment insights.”][dt-portfolio-slider images=”1514,1515,1518,1519″ slider_lightbox=”no” thumb_size=”full” speed=”5000″][dt-space height=”30″]

Every day, every project, Elevation Firm is afforded the opportunity to partner with very inspiring and unique companies. Take for example our latest project with Visible Alpha.

It is a few weeks before you are about to launch an innovative software tool, forever changing how banks utilize sell-side research, and you have many items to consider before going live. These questions include team buildout, your brand, your website, your digital presence. So many questions have to be answered in two to three weeks. Where do you spend your time?

You call upon Elevation Firm to assist you as you focus on the critical elements of your online software tool, while Elevation’s team assists you with the most critical part of digital presentation, your online website and portal for people to discover your company.

With comments such as, “we were highly pleased with our website results”  Elevation Firm once again is able to develop a high quality presentation and ensure high satisfaction on all deliverables.

To us, you are more than a client. We take a partnership position to ensure that success is a mutually shared destination and that we can provide the best possible customer service.

Learn more about Visible Alpha via the Forbes exclusive: Meet Visible Alpha, The Startup Five Top Investment Banks Hope Will Save Sell-Side Research

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